The United States Trotting  Association (USTA) has sanctioned “RUS” monte trotting and provides qualifying standards and qualifying races (through various tracks) for horses and riders choosing to participate.

The USTA provides charted racelines of the “RUS” monte races and updates the past performances of equine and human participants such that information can be provided through Trackmaster® for program publication.

RUS Electronic Eligibilities

Horses that plan on racing under saddle must have RUS electronic eligibilities activated prior to entering for any RUS event. This is in addition to the eligibility they hold for regular harness events.  If a horse has been issued lifetime US eligibility there is no fee for RUS activation, simply call the USTA office at 877-800-8782, extension 1 and request RUS eligibility. 

The Basics of Obtaining A RUS License

* You must be a current USTA member. 

* The USTA will need a completed application and the fee.

* Once the application is submitted letters are mailed to the references. At least 2 satisfactory reference forms must be returned before the licensing process can continue. 

* The USTA  will then notify you in writing that you are eligible to take the required written examination. You will also be advised of the procedure that is in place for the administration of the exam. There is a $10 fee that is due when you take the exam. 

Exams can be taken at the USTA office in Columbus, OH or you may select an examination supervisor from the approved supervisor list. This list will be provided to you when you are notified that you are eligible to take the test. 

* Once you have satisfactorily completed the written exam you will be required to take the practical exam. The USTA will send you a practical examination form via mail or email. This will need to be taken to a presiding judge of a pari-mutuel racetrack who will sign the form upon his approval. 

* Upon your satisfactory completion of the practical exam, your license will be issued and mailed to you. Please note: applicants for a new RUS license are required to furnish a current eye exam report before the license can be issued.

For the full application process visit,

*Please note: the expiration date on your RUS license will be the same as your membership. If you have a multi-year membership you will need to pay for a multi-year RUS license. 

If you would like more information please contact The USTA’s RUS licensing department at or by phone at 877-800-USTA ext. 3294. Applications are also available online.