Our Current Fundraisers


RUS New York will get 40% of what is purchased

Merchandise & Promotional Items

Hats: $10

Visors: $10

Mugs: $10

Trunk Organizer: $10

Bags: $10

These are all pre-made in stock items. For custom items please inquire.




If you would like orders delivered to Vernon or Monticello Race track put Michelle Miller as seller. If you would like orders sent to Saratoga Race track put Cathy Carpenter Gearwar as seller. Other arrangements can also be made for deliveries, but please note the orders will be sent to the group for distribution, not sent directly to you home. As other sellers sign up we can add them to the list for distribution as well.

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Custom Items

Contact Hannah Miller at  Hbmiller@nycm.com with any questions as she is the one making the items. 

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