Horse Standings

Horses must compete in any 3 of the RUS 2019 Series Fair legs to be eligible for the Fair Series Final. Entries for the final race are to be selected based on points earned for finishes in the series qualifying races. Points earned are accrued by horse, regardless of rider in each race. Those with a * next to their name have the required number of races to enter the final. 

Akhenaton* – 300

​RC’s Ready* – 200

​​Railroad Lane*- 137

​Choke Hold* – 107

Flowing James – 37

Iron Will – 25

Funny Photo – 16

Rider Standings

A $4,000 Rider Challenge has been sponsored by Oneida Veterinary Associates, PPLC, Vernon and Tioga Downs.  It will use the same point system as what is used for horse qualification to the final and be paid out to the top five riders (50, 25, 12, 8, 5 percent). Riders will earn points in the legs leading up to the final regardless of horse(s) ridden throughout the series. Riders must participate in at least five races to qualify. The only time the final will count toward the challenge is in a case of a tie.  Those with a * at the end of their name have ridden in 5 races to qualify for the funds. Race cancellations do not count. If there is a two horse field and someone scratches rider will receive a point and credit but may be asked to present a demonstration instead of racing. 

Hillary Hartnett*- 450

Michelle Miller* – 157 

Vanessa Karlewicz- 112 

Kara Duh – 50

Cathy Gearwar – 37

Sophie Engerran- 16

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