Horse Standings

Horses must compete in any 3 of the 9 RUS 2017 Series Fair legs to be eligible for the Fair Series Final. Entries for the final race are to be selected based on points earned for finishes in the series qualifying races. Points earned are accrued by horse, regardless of rider in each race. Those with a * next to their name have the required number of races to enter the final. 

* Railroad Lane -175 

*  Admirable Hanover-125

* Iron Will-112 

* R George-107

* One True Friend -100 

* Boy Can She Fly- 87

Mr. Avalanche- 37


Rider Standings

A High Point Rider Award will be presented at the final to the rider who has earned the most points, regardless of horse(s) ridden throughout the series. Riders must participate in at least three races to qualify. Those with a * at the end of their name have ridden in 3 races to qualify for the award.


* Michelle Miller-258

* Vanessa Karlewicz- 187

* Heather Reese -112

* Hillary Hartnett-100

* Kara Duh-62

Codie Smith- 24

* Funny Photo – 145


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