Fair Rules & Conditions

First please see our regulations page as all rules apply!

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS The New York Sire Stakes program is not implementing separate health requirements for racing this year, but individual county fairs may have requirements in place and horsemen will be required to comply. Be prepared to wear a mask and/or follow the instructions of fair officials at each location if this is the case.

There will be a $10 entry fee for each leg of the RUS NY 2021 Fair Series. There will be no fee for the final as horses earn their way into that race. 

Riders should expect to have to sign a waiver and partake in a breathalyzer test prior to racing. Any solid color breeches may be worn as long as they match the rider’s colors. Riders must wear helmet, safety vests and colors at all times when mounted on a horse. 

A W-9 and purse authorization needs to be on file with our group prior to entries or entries can be denied. Please send paperwork to Michelle Miller. She can be contacted at mnmiller84@gmail.com or (607) 643-8047. 

* See rules and regulations on our website for fundraising requirements. 

Riders must attend any driver meetings if any given fair conducts such a gathering before racing begins. Horses and riders must be present 1 hour before the start of the first race on the card for the day and have paperwork and entry fees handed in no matter when the RUS event is scheduled or horse can be scratched and participant is subject to a fine. Entry can also be denied for next entry for violators. 

If we do not have a minimum of 2 riders/horses combination to race, we will not host the race. There will not be any walkovers.

If for some reason there are only 2 entries and one scratches and the other entrant is present to race it will be treated like a cancelation. The horse and rider will get a point for showing up but will not race. Horse and rider may be asked to do some sort of RUS Demo instead of race.   ***Some fairs may require more starters than 2. 

Post times, purses and entry info will be posted as the information is made available. PLEASE NOTE: MOST entries will be taken 5 days before the race (omitting Sundays in the count) to have them ready for the race secretaries on the same day they do harness entries. We take our own entries in order to have plenty of time to check licensing and eligibilities with the USTA.  

Horses can be entered with riders TBA, however please note that it is the responsibility of riders and trainers to know all the rules and requirements when entering because if an ineligible rider is put up to ride on the day of the race the horse will either need a new rider or it will be scratched. 


Entry info: 

When more than one race is held horses will be divided into divisions in a manner that ensures fields of equal size. When the number of horses entered into an event does not divide equally, the fields will not vary in size by more than one horse unless separated by their gaits. In the event that more than one division is required, the entry clerk will do his/her best to divide horses that are owned, trained or ridden by the same people. If for some reason there are too many entries for a particular fair the entry clerk will take out multiple entries by the same owner (allowing the horse with the back date to race). Horses who are primarily being used for RUS will be used before those still excelling in the bike because the goal of fair racing is to allow horses that are not as competitive or no longer fitting harness classes at pari-mutual tracks a chance to race and perform.  Entries will then be selected by preference dates (including harness and qualifying lines). If for any reason there is a tie or further discrepancy, preference will be given to horses that have been behind the gate with other horses showing clean lines.


Horse/Rider Eligibility Requirements:

All horses must be registered with either the United States Trotting Association or Standardbred Canada in the name of the current owner. No horse younger than the age of 3 shall be eligible to start, however horses older than 14 will be permitted. 

Any horse and rider combo that has experience racing under saddle do not have to qualify (horse does need to be currently racing or show some sort of qualifying line in the last 30 days). Rider needs to submit a video riding a mile in 2:20. Horses new to the sport need to qualify or have a schooling behind the gate, preferably with another horse whether it be under saddle or in harness . New riders also need to get in a schooler with another horse whether it is also under saddle or in harness at the very least. Both new horse and rider will need to prove they can safely get around any size track in 2:20. All videos and forms of proof such as a signature from the person running the gate during a schooling need to be submitted to rusnewyorkseries@gmail.com.


Final Race Eligibility Requirements:

Horses must compete in any 3 of the RUS 2021 Series Fair legs to be eligible for the Fair Series Final. 

Entries for the final race are to be selected based on points earned for finishes in the series qualifying races. Points earned are accrued by horse, regardless of rider in each race.  In the event of a scratch, the horse with the next highest points will be entered into the final. In the event of a tie, charted race lines will be reviewed and the RUS NY Management Committee will select the horse to be entered based on past performance history. (You must enter to be eligible at all so even if you are not high on the pt list, enter because you may get in if horses do not get entered)


Points by place: 

1st- 50 points; 2nd- 25 points; 3rd-12 points; 4th- 8 points; 5th- 5 points

** 1 pt will be given to those that compete and finish in a field of more than 5 

*** 1 point will be given to horses that show up on time to fairs that cancel (must stay allotted wait time) 


Purse Distribution:

All participants will earn $100 each and the remaining purse funds will be distributed as presented below: 

5 or more starters 50, 25, 12, 8, 5 percent

4 starters 50, 25, 15, 10 percent

3 starters 50, 30, 20 percent

2 starters 65, 35 percent

There will be no walkovers
Starters must finish the race in order to qualify for distributed purse money and points ( The only exception is if there is a cancelation) All participant will get the $100 for showing up and partaking in the race as long as they follow all the rules and show good sportsmanship.


Cancellation Policy:

If a fair waits to cancel a race on the day of the race and participants have traveled to the destination to wait for the 2 hour time frame the purse will be $200 each participating horse. If races are canceled in advance the purse money will be rolled over to upcoming races.  


Rider Challenge:

A High Point Rider challenge will use the same point system as what is used for horse qualification to the final. Riders will earn points in the legs leading up to the final regardless of horse(s) ridden throughout the series. Riders must participate in at least 3 races (legs) to qualify. The only time the final will count toward the challenge is in a case of a tie.  More info to come. 


Animal Health Requirements

For Admission to New York State County Fairs
(Part 351 of NYS Agriculture & Markets Regulations, AI-202 1/10)

Rabies vaccination:

A current rabies vaccination is required for all horses that are 105 days or older on the date of admission to the fair.

An animal is considered currently vaccinated beginning 14 days following primary (initial) vaccination continuing for the period stated in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rabies vaccine-label instructions allow vaccination as early as 84 days of age. This allows a one-week window of between 84 and 91 days of age (105 minus 14 days) where vaccine can be administered to meet the 105-day requirement.

Acceptable Proof of Rabies Vaccination:

Acceptable proof must include a signed statement from the attending veterinarian or a valid certificate of veterinary inspection that has the vaccination listed and is signed by the attending veterinarian.

Acceptable proof of vaccination must include the name of the product used, the date of administration and the duration of immunity if longer than one year.

If the statement of rabies vaccination is included on an Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) test record, it must be signed separately, in addition to the required EIA test-record signature.

Note: Rabies titers are not acceptable proof of rabies vaccination and cannot be used to meet entry requirements.

Negative Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Coggins Test:

This test is required for all horses 6 months of age or older. The horse must be accompanied by a valid, negative EIA test record. The test must have been conducted during the current or previous calendar year for horses of New York origin.

For imported horses, the test must be conducted 12 months of entry. The EIA test certificate must include a complete description of the horse.

Horses of Out-of-State Origin:

All horses entering New York State from another state must be accompanied by an official Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). A CVI is not required for horses of New York origin. The interstate CVI is valid 30 days from the date of issuance. During the fair season (July 1 through Labor Day), valid CVIs can be used multiple times for entrance into fairs.

The initial entrance into a fair must be within 30 days of issuance. In order for the CVI to be used for a later fair, it must be dated and initialed by a state official noting the location of the initial fair. A change of health status or a change of eligibility of an animal necessitates the generation of a new CVI.

Questions regarding import requirements should be directed to the Division of Animal Industry at 518- 457-3971.

WAIVER: As a condition of participation in this event and/or these events, the Owner(s) of the nominated horse(s) hereby grants to the Sponsors, its representatives, successors, and assigns the absolute right to copyright and publish, use or reuse still and motion photographic pictures of its horses, riders, trainers, employees, officers and agents, in whole or in part, in composite or in distorted character, with or without use of names, in color or otherwise, for the purpose of promotion, advertising, trade or other lawful purpose in any and all media.

Owner(s) waives any right to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it might be applied. Owner(s) further agrees to inform his riders, trainers, employees, officers and agents of the authority granted to the Sponsor herein, to hold the Sponsors, the Tracks, Horsefly Group, the United States Trotting Association, and New York Sire Stakes harmless from any and all liability and damages, and to indemnify the Sponsor from same should any such owner(s), driver(s), trainer(s), employee(s), officer(s) and agent(s) challenge Sponsor’s rights herein as set forth herein. Owners, trainers, riders and their employees are all entering their horses into these races on their own risk. here.

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