What Is Racing Under Saddle:

Also known as Monte Racing, Racing Under Saddle (RUS) is a hybrid between harness racing and thoroughbred racing.  Riders race on horses going at a fast trot (can pace but most races use trotters) behind a moving starting gate like harness racing.

Who We Are:

RUS NY was formed in early 2014 to assist with the organization and management of series and races across the state. The main goal is to promote RUS as a sport, increase interest in Standardbred racing, and showcase the versatility of the Standardbred breed.

We promote the Standardbred breed as a riding and sport horse, beyond just the sport of racing.

Our group connects riders, horses, horsemen, race secretaries and staff, and race enthusiasts to help grow the sport.

The United States Trotting  Association (USTA) has sanctioned “RUS” monte trotting and provides qualifying standards and qualifying races (through various tracks) for horses and riders choosing to participate.

The USTA provides charted racelines of the “RUS” monte races and updates the past performances of equine and human participants such that information can be provided through Trackmaster® for program publication.

For RUS Guidelines and a license application, visit http://www.ustrotting.com/trackside/racing-under-saddle/


Benefits of RUS

* Women and men from all different equestrian disciplines have the opportunity to participate. 

*  Helps attract some fresh fans to the sport of Harness Racing.

* It could help broaden awareness of the Standardbred across other disciplines. We believe this will also help give Standardbreds a step in the right direction towards a second career.  By being broke to saddle, it may be easier to place them in pleasure horse homes when they are finished their careers. 

* Provides horses  that may not make enough or fit classes at the tracks with another use for owners. We also allow retired horses to race at fairs. 

RUS is just one more way to promote and enhance New York’s already-stellar Standardbred breeding and racing programs.